Contact For Law Enforcement

We offer our services free of charge to police departments. We have had success with other cases. If you think we could help with a case, contact Dr. Christine Sarteschi at 412-365-2957 or fill out the contact form below to send an email.

You should also know that we take confidentiality seriously and every student signs a waiver as part of their membership.

Some of the ways we can help, among others, include:

  1. Using social media to increase case awareness (i.e. creating posters, writing postings, etc.)
  2. Search for new leads via social media and the internet
  3. Organizing case files into physical binders; it is surprising what a re-categorizing of documents can do for a case
  4. Serving as “fresh eyes” on a case
  5. Statement analysis (i.e. discrepancies, use of language, etc.)
  6. Mental health/behavioral assessment/psychological analysis