Tammy Ferguson

On June 22, 1995, at approximately 0800 hours, Tammy Oglesby Ferguson was reported missing from her home in Leland, North Carolina. She was last seen by her landlord on June 22, 1995 but was not officially reported missing until 15 days later, on July 6, 1995. According to the details of her disappearance, Ms. Ferguson was last heard from when she called her mother from a payphone in Leland, North Carolina in June 1995. She stated that she would be home shortly but never arrived. She left behind all of her belongings, including an uncashed check and her only child at the time. If you have information about her whereabouts, please contact the Leland Police Department at 910-371-1100.

Below is a video discussing Tammy’s case and other missing women from the same town.